May 3rd 2018- World Press Day

The Mass Communication Department of Nile University in partnership with the U.S Embassy hosted Ms. Linda Hervieux,a journalist and photographer in celebration of World Press Day,who spoke on the need and importance of Media in holding Government Accountable and impact of hate speech on press freedom especially in third world countries. In attendance was the department of Economics amongst other guests, she emphasized the need for the media to remain autonomous i.e. no form of third part influence or partiality in reporting news, she also spoke on the problems faced by journalist in autocratic states or countries, which tend to demean or suppress the media.

May 11th 2018- Future Plans for Females in Nigeria; Key to Success and Possible Challenges

The Department of Economics hosted Mrs. Brenda Ataga, Senior Advisor, Downstream and Infrastructure, The Office of the Honorable Minister of State, Petroleum Resources. Talking from her personal experiences she highlighted the struggles and challenges she faced in the course of her career, she spoke on women having to work harder as in a workplace men and women are not seen as equals. She also emphasized the importance of discipline, hard work and outlining one’s objectives in his or her workplace and sticking religiously to these objectives. She implored the girls to have a mentor who would be able to relate and guide her along the course of her career and personal life.